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Martin D-16GT

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  by (24th Sep 2019)

Lovely acoustic guitar with nice crisp and loud sound. This is a mid-priced Martin and I think this is one of the best value-for-money models available in Martin catalogue. This guitar has all-wood production (no synthetic parts like some Martin models) and it feels like a stripped down version of the flagship Martin D-28 model. By stripped down I mean there is no fancy bindings or anything special about the finish, just really basic high quality guitar.

I really enjoy this guitar´s sound, it is crisp, articulate and LOUD. It is clearly louder than many cheaper acoustic guitars I´ve had before. It ships with heavier strings (13´s maybe) and I would advice you keep using at minimum ´12 gauge strings, they just sound more powerful than the thinner ones. The best use for this guitar is chord-type work, playing lead is limited as there is no cutaway in the body. But this is not a problem, I personally don´t care about higher register soloing with acoustic so much, and the soloing when you stay at the 12-14 fret zone is fine with this guitar too.

Quality was fine, no flaws and the setup from the shop was about perfect. Got a humidifier with it and I have been using it semi-randomly at winter (I live in northern Europe), but there has not been any warps in the neck even though the humidifier usage has not been regular. Guitar feels study and it is fine and reliable instrument to use at live performance too.

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Martin D-16GT

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