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Joyo Ultimate Overdrive

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  by (26th Sep 2019)

Not so-well hidden secret about this pedal is that is a 100% clone of famous Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive pedal (version 1).  I bought this pedal on a whim, you can find at 30 EUR / USD easily on several web shops.   I did not have much expectations, but I ended up liking it a lot even though the pedal looks a bit… cheap with a stock skull-type graphics.

This pedal has middle to low-high distortion sound, which should suit rock and classic metal style of guitarists well.  Very simple settings: gain, tone and volume + hi/low switch for gain if you need a just little more kick.  Personally I use this as booster pedal to already overdriven tube amp.  I like to crank the volume knob, minimize gain and roll back the tone just a touch to lessen harshness.  This should work well as a distortion source for Fender-type clean amps. There is also true-bypass which is very nice.

For a cheap replica pedal the case and knobs on JF-02 Ultimate Overdrive are very sturdy.  On/off switch feels a bit stiff at first, but it has worked fine.  Very good bang for the buck.    But I end up this review with reminder that it is important to remember the original which is the Fulltone OCD – pedal.  Buy the original if money is not a issue and you want to support the original designers!   And OCD looks much cooler too on your pedal board :)

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Joyo Ultimate Overdrive

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