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Gibson 500T Humbucker

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  by (15th Sep 2023)

Recently purchased a used Gibson Flying V (2004) with this in the bridge position. Very impressed with the aggressive tone and output. I like to play metal so this is right up my alley.

Best thing about it: Hot

  by (17th Nov 2022)

I remember buying my Gibson Explorer and thinking about changing the pick ups for EMGs without even trying out the pick ups. I’m a pretty simple guy: guitar, cable, some box FX and straight into the amp. I play rock, metal, punk and thrash, so I wanted something along those lines. Once I plugged my Explorer into my Mesa Boogie 100 watt Dual Rectifier I was blown away. I could not believe a passive pick up could sound as meaner as a brutal EMG 81 (Big Metallica fan here). The 500t pick up played through a bad ass amp like the Rectifier and you have Thrash Metal heaven. It’s crunchy as hell and has a Great White’s bite. Amazing tone (if your’re into heavier stuff). Even when playing clean parts, the 500t never lets you down: it’s a nice clean but you need to swell that volume knob in order to get the right amount of gain. I liked it so much that I gave away a Seymour Duncan SH6 on a Jackson RR1 and BOUGHT a Gibson 500t to replace it. Yeah, it sounds THAT good!

Best thing about it: The BEST passive pick up for Metal

  by (12th Oct 2022)

Owned one for ~25yrs and they’re great! High output and balanced. There are many comparison videos out there, including it vs. active pups…might be the best all around winner, IMO. Wish they made a bar/rails option on this!

  by (6th Jan 2022)

This Gibson 500T is a very strong pickup! If rock and metal sounds is what you want then this is great! Big sound, aggressive and raw sounding with huge presence it really gives you a very strong aggressive sound. It has a vintage like rock sound with modern power. Has more character too then some other strong pickups. Very well balanced: strong firm low end, defined mids and cutting high end. I love this in my SG... sounds perfect for heavy aggressive rock and metal! 

Best thing about it: Aggressive Heavy Rock/Metal Sounds

  by (26th Jul 2021)

My buddy gave me a 500t and a 496r from his explorer because they were to hot for him. I popped them in an epi sg and replaced all the guts with cts and orange drops. It holds its own with my gibsons now, and I'm not afraid to gig it anywhere! They are absolutly perfect for punk rock, and do clean up surprisingly nice. They don't sound like traditional LP or sg though, which is fine with me, that's what my p90 guitars are for!

Best thing about it: They love to push my ac10 so nicely!

  by (26th Sep 2019)

500T is Gibson´s hottest humbucker pickup. To make myself clear, hottest means the pickup in Gibson line which has highest output.  It is a passive pickup with ceramic magnets,  which means it sounds a bit edgier that a pickup with Alnico magnets (for example like many Seymour Duncans).   This pickup is or was fitted in many Gibson models, like Les Pauls and Flying-V reissues.  Even early nineties Jimmy Page – signature model Les Paul had this pickup in bridge position which caused some stir in the old-school guitar department.  It is unknown if Page did use this pickup himself in the nineties, but it is arguably positive he did not have pickup this hot in the heydey of Led Zeppelin.

This pickup drives a tubeamp to full preamp distortion very easily as the output is hot.  Sound clears up nicely when you roll down the volume to 7-8 position.   On full setup and a good solid tube amp you get great Eddie Van Halen or Warren DiMartini – type sound and if you add more distortion after the guitar you have enough dirt for the grimmest of metal sounds.   I feel this pickup is best suited for hard rock, heavy metal, or dirty blues where you need to have a lots of power from the pickup.   To be clear, while this pickup is the heaviest of Gibson-pickups, it is not singlehandely a heavy metal pickup,  there are lots of dedicated metal pickups with even hotter output on the market.    If gain is your game,  you probably like this pickup.   If you need more clean sounds and lighter, textured sound – I´d say look elsewhere (probably non-ceramic pickup).   I deduct one point because of the one-sidedness.

It is built as fine as most of the big-name pickups,  no flaws to be found.

My settings:

Guitar volume on 10: great for metal riffing and screaming leads.

Guitar volume on 6-8: you get a little cleaner rhythms, but still mantaining a heavy sound

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Gibson 500T Humbucker

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