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Marshall guitar cabinet is THE standard in the business. This one has 2 x 12 speaker setup, so it is physically litlle bit smaller and lighter than the usual 4 x 12 version (the half-stack).     I recommend this cabinet to players who play gigs and use smaller vehicles as this cabinet is much more easier to move around than the 4 x 12.  Does not hurt your back so much either 

Original 1936 has 12″ Celestion G12T75 speakers in it, but this one is modified to have 12″ Celestion Vintage 30´s.   V30´s are supposed to have a bit warmer sound to them than the G12´s which sound more sharp.   The sound is a standard Marshall cabinet sound, articulate and not too bassy. You can setup bass all the way to 10 from your amp and this cabinet does not get boomy .2 x 12 cabinet is not as loud as 4 x 12 is,  as the sound does not spread out so widely from it –  you notice this when playing in a rehearsal room – with 4 x 12 you can stand farther away and still hear the nuances.You can get loud enough volumes for sure, if that happens the bottleneck ain´t this cabinet but your amplifier.

Quality is just fine,  Marshall cabinets are made to play gigs with,  they are workhorse equipment.  Adding locking wheels under the cab is a must, if it does not have them already.    The black finish on Marshall cabinets always gets teared up when you play gigs and haul the gear around in small cars, but that does not affect the sound of the cabinet at all. As some people say, road worn is cool! 

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Marshall 1936 2×12

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